Design You

Mike Erich is a Fitness & Mindfulness coach. He spent the last 10 years developing an extensive AI powered coaching program. I was fortunate enough to work with him and his business partner Markus on a 2 day photo and video shoot. We created an extensive library of marketing materials that would be used to help launch their website and app.

After two long 12 hours days, followed by several days of editing, I delivered a library of over 250 images and a plethora of marketing videos.

In total we created 10 talking head videos, 7 German and 3 English, and also 40 short exercise demonstration videos.

The talking head videos were; A 20min interview to allow viewers to get to know Mike and his background. A 4min introduction to the coaching program and app. And several videos to explain complicated concepts that Mike had discovered through years of extensive research.