The Social Hub Vienna

The Social Hub is a modern hotel with unique, vibrant interior design.

I was commissioned to photograph some of the rooms and communal areas. 

When the hotel first opened 2 years ago the head office sent their photographer from Amsterdam. But they didn’t have the time to photograph all spaces from all the required angles. So they has been using 3D renders for some photos, others were just missing. 

I worked together with the marketing manager to plan a detailed shot list. As there was also of ground to cover, this ensured we could move through the rooms at a reasonable speed. THS have very strict photography and styling guidelines. So it was imperative that I could deliver an outcome to match. 

A total of 53 photos were needed. It took a full day to shoot. Two pre-productions meetings and 2.5 days of post production and there were a lot of advanced retouching requests to ensure the photos were perfect. 

The project was a great success. Both the local marketing manager and team from the head quarters were very happy with the photos.